Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao có kèm đáp án


Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao có kèm đáp án

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Tham khảo đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao có kèm theo đáp án, tài liệu cung cấp cho các em học sinh các bài tập nâng cao để ôn thi học sinh giỏi môn Anh.

Đề thi gồm các dạng bài tập đã chia thành mục với các kỹ năng khác nhau giúp các bạn có thể lựa chọn kỹ năng cần tập trung ôn tập.

Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao



In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Circle the letter A, B, C or D against the number of each item 1-20 for the word or phrase you choose. (20 points)

1. My sister is very fond ……………….. chocolate candy.
A. of                                 B. about                           C. with                        D. at

2. I have studied English ………………..eight months.
A. for                                 B. since                           C. by                           D. in

3. Listen ………………..our teacher !
A. with                               B. to                                C. for                           D. in

4. There isn’t ………………..food in the house.
A. none                             B. no                                C. some                      D. any

5. He arrives …………………..at six o’clock.
A. at home                       B. home                           C. in home                  D. to home

6. Herbert has had his car………………….. 1999.
A. ago                               B. since                            C. to                           D. for

7. How long will it ………………..to get there ?
A. cost                              B. lose                              C. make                     D. take

8. I ………………..it to you if you don’t have one.
A. give                              B. gave                             C. will give                  D. would give

9. ………………..your homework yet ?
A. Did you finished          B. Are you finishing           C. Do you finish          D. Have you finished

10. It’s the best book I …………………..read.
A. have ever                    B. had ever                       C. will ever                  D. can ever

11. He looked very………………when I told him the news.
A. happily                        B. happy                            C. happiness              D. was happy

12. She is ………………in history.
A. interests                      B. interested                      C. interesting              D. being interest

13. Is the Eiffel Tower taller………………..Big Ben ?
A. then                            B. than                               C. as                            D. of

14. At school, David was………………anyone else in his class.
A. as clever as                B. as clever than                C. cleverer as             D. cleverest

15. She speaks French ………………..than you.
A. more faster                 B. more fluently                  C. well                         D. the most fluently

16. It began to rain while we…………………..soundly.
A. slept                          B. were sleeping                 C. have slept                D. are sleeping

17. She doesn’t like coffee, does she ?
A. Yes, she doesn’t        B. No, she does                  C. Yes, she did           D. No, she doesn’t

18. I won’t go to bed …………………..I finish my homework.
A. until                           B. when                             C. while                         D. since

19. Is this book ………………….. ? Yes, it’s mine.
A. you’re                        B. yours                             C. you                           D. your

20. …………………..do you come to school ? By bus
A. How                          B. What                              C. By                            D. When


In this section you will find after the reading passage a number of questions of unfinished statements about the passage , each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing . You must choose the one which you think fits best (10 points)

People usually sing because they like music or because they feel happy. They express their happiness by singing. When a bird sing, however, its song usually means much more than that the bird is happy. Birds have many reasons for singing. They sing to give information. Their songs are their language.

The most beautiful songs are sung by male (cock) birds. They sing when they want to attract a female (hen) bird. It is their way of saying that they are looking for a wife.

Birds also sing to tell other birds to keep away. To a bird, his tree or even a branch of tree, is his home. He does not want strangers to come near him, so he sings to warn them.

If a bird cannot sing well, he usually has some other means of giving important information. Some birds dance, spread out their tails or make other sings. One bird has a most unusual way of finding a wife. It builds a small garden of shells and flowers.

21. Why do people usually sing ?
A. They like birds.                                                  B. They feel happy.
C. They want to tell a story .                                  D. They like studying music.

22. Which birds sing the most beautiful songs ?
A. Birds in a good temper.                                     B. Cock birds.
C. Hen birds.                                                         D. Female birds which attract male birds.

23. What warnings does a bird sometimes sing ?
A. A warning to keep away.                                    B. A warning to come quickly.
C. A warning about the approach of people           D. A warning to stop singing.

24. What do most birds usually do if they cannot sing well ?
A. warn other birds to go away.                             B. give their information in another way.
C. find a wife.                                                         D. fly high in the sky.

25. What is one bird’s unusual way of attracting a hen bird ?
A. It dances.                                                            B. It spreads out its tail.
C. It searches for a wife.                                          D. It uses shells and flowers to make a garden.

(Còn tiếp)

Đáp án đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao



1. A

2. A

3. B

4. D

5. B

6. B

7. D

8. C

9. D

10. A

11. B

12. B

13. B

14. A

15. B

16. B

17. D

18. A

19. B

20. A


21. B            22. B             23. A           24. B             25. D



26. who              31. all                 36. won

27. every            32. used             37. on

28. soon             33. enough         38. few

29. home            34. listening       39. wait

30. used             35. what             40. afford


41. She takes a bath every morning.

42. Now she dances more beautifully than she used to.

43. How long does it take him to get to school every day ?

44. Last Wednesday, Bill rang his office at nine o’clock.

45. I have lived in Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years.

46. People come from all over the world to visit the city of Hiroshima.

47. Billy is such an old man that he has to live with his children.

48. Oliver Twist was first published in 1838.

49. It is too heavy for him to lift.

50. I’ll be able to come tomorrow.



1. meeting              6. half

2. tea                      7. babies

3. gentleman          8. having

4. food                    9. seconds

5. enough               10. stop


1. B             2. C             3. A             4. B             5. C

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